About us

Our passion is
making things that people love.


it doesn’t matter what the product is, the aim is always to build an experience that’s easy and rewarding for customers.

Make it simple and make people smile’’

says Russell one of our founders

the team at Ministry of Sleep have over 100 years combined experience of using beds and over 15 years experience developing the Ministry of Sleep solution


more than just a mattress – 
our aim is to create an exciting shopping experience
 we want to make mattresses sexy…well at least more interesting than your local retail park
but no more complicated than simply choosing what size you need!”

explains Oliver our other founder

Where and how well we sleep is a fundamental part of ability to perform each day..
our daily well-being depends on two things;

The need for a good night sleep


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And remember – all our mattresses are sold with a 100 night trial guarantee. If your sleep isn't improved you can return your mattress and receive a full refund. Buy with confidence and no risk!