The Mattress

Our mattress is all you need to start sleeping better

Designed to be used with any bed type – our specially designed memory foam composition provides stability and core support no matter whether you prefer to sleep on your front, back, side – like a starfish or a clam!

It doesn’t matter if you’re light as a feather or have a bit more about you – our memory foam reacts to every body type providing support where you need it most – keeping you cool and comfortable as you sleep. Our mattress works equally well on any bed type and our range of sizes means we cater for everyone.

Never too soft. Never too hard. Always just right night after night.


mattress on bed springs


mattress on bed flats


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We have developed a new type of memory foam which is new & improved to create a mattress that’s unlike any other in the market. Our foam uses a complex cell-structured composition to actively remove heat & moisture away from the body when in use.
The result a cooler surface and a more comfortable sleep.
The technology in our mattress is unique to our products and scientifically proven to be cooler for the user.

mattress heat

The Mattress

We use layers of memory foam to make our mattress because we believe it provides the best comfort
and support for people of all shapes, sizes, weights and sleep styles.

Memory foam is special because when you lie on the mattress surface,
it absorbs your body’s form and moulds to your shape providing support just where it’s needed.

Then when you move or get out of bed, the intelligent construction in the memory foam re-bounds instantly to it’s original form, 
so each time you lie on it, it’s like the first ever time!

Imagine that – lying on a brand new mattress surface every day!

The Technical Stuff:

Memory Foam mattress are used throughout the NHS and by professional and amateur sportsmen and women alike to help with fast recovery from aches, strains and more severe injuries.

We are market leaders in premium memory foam mattress products. Our mattress are known for their quality and effectiveness. We’ve been providing customers with memory foam products for over 15 years and we include the NHS and Private hospitals amongst our customers.

If you suffer from back pain, bad posture, arthritis, rheumatism, neck problems etc. or simply find it difficult to sleep our aim is to help you live your life more comfortably and our mattress is specifically designed to provide better support and circulation for people to enjoy a better, more relaxing sleep.

The mattress layers

Our Ministry of Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is amongst the best, most luxurious and comfortable mattress on the UK market and our memory foam construction is designed to provide a cooler sleep too.

After extensive research, we have developed what we consider is the ideal memory foam mattress – consisting of a memory foam depth of 7 cm with a density of 55kg cm3, supported by a 13cm base of high density CM foam, giving you a total mattress depth of 20 cm.

Other mattresses are deeper – but in our opinion they are more cumbersome without offering any additional benefit or support.

Our memory foam mattress comes complete with our unique quilted Cool-touch breathable cover which promotes extra airflow between you your mattress, thus preventing unnecessary perspiration and ensuring a cool and superbly comfortable sleep.

The Ministry of Sleep mattress is hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant, therefore ideal for asthma and other allergy sufferers and fully comply with Schedule 1, Part 1, Then Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Amended Regulations 1988.


The Box

Our unique box has been designed specifically to make delivering and receiving your mattress easier.


Your mattress is compressed and rolled in a polythene membrane before being packed. This makes it easier to transport to your door and easier to deliver. Whether your home, your place of work or even to leave with a neighbour, the attractive design and compact shape is convenient and ensures your mattress arrives in perfect condition.

Once inside your home, the compact box and carry handles make it easy for one person to move the mattress to whichever room it’s intended for too.

the mattress box


Sleep Science

Sleep is one of the most important factors contributing to our well-being. If we don’t get enough it seriously impacts our health; physically and mentally.

There are some myths surrounding Memory Foam, often to do with the heat generated by someone’s body when sleeping on foam.

Our ventilated mattress uses the latest, innovative compositions of memory foam which have been scientifically proven to not retain heat from the body and instead to aid ventilation and reduce perspiration.

Breathability, Heat Dissipation, Spring-like support

mattress Air Flow


The Ministry of Sleep mattress is not like a traditional memory foam product. Our Combustion Modified High Resilient foam is specifically designed to be open celled, creating a foam which provides a cool sleep. The foam cells allow airflow throughout the construction to aid heat dissipation and reduce the need for latex membranes and other cooling materials.

Our memory foam has 30 times greater airflow than traditional memory foam mattresses which results in quicker dissipation of heat away from the body.

mattress heat

For those who like to inspect technical details: our foam complies with the requirements of Schedule 1, Part 1, The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Amended Regulations 1988.

Physical properties are measured using test methods based upon BS EN ISO 2439, BS EN ISO 845, BS EN ISO 1798 and BS EN 1856.

Which basically means it’s safe, a lot safer than cheaper imported memory foam and durable. Don’t take chances with safety in the home – we recommend customer’s should always buy tested and accredited furniture.

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