The Ministry of Sleep

We’re a movement dedicated to improving how the world sleeps 

The Ministry of Sleep is a new kind of company which has a new approach and aims to provide quality mattresses at an affordable price.
We started this company because we believe that it is possible to achieve a better sleep without spending a fortune.

We think differently
We challenge convention
We’ve gone back to basics to explore an alternative path for improved sleep

In our opinion the mattress and bed market is swamped with over-elaborate marketing and sales promotions – confusing customers with too much choice and too many superfluous technical innovations which loose sight of the primary aim of providing customers with a better night sleep.

Our new approach is simple:
> we’ve developed a mattress which provides the best comfort and support for bodies of all shapes and sizes
> we’ve improved existing memory foam technology by using materials that actually cool the body and remove heat 
> we sell online and direct from our warehouse to reduce the costs and improve the speed of delivery
> we deliver our mattresses, rolled and compressed and in an easy to lift box to make it more convenient for customers to receive
> we use the internet and local marketing techniques and rely heavily on word of mouth recommendations from friends and customers to help raise awareness of our brand, without having to fund expensive marketing and PR campaigns

We think that this fresh approach will allow us to continue to keep our costs and our prices low, so that everyone has the opportunity to benefit.

and if that’s not enough…
Our 100 night trial means that our customers can buy risk-free and return it if it doesn’t work out for them
and a percentage of our profits are donated to charities helping homeless people who need our help
for a safe and secure place to sleep.

We believe that poor sleep directly affects our physical and mental well-being. Our aim is not just to sell mattresses, but to provide a new approach to selling something that can improve all of our lives.


In creating our company we’ve heard lots of feedback from people about positive and not so positive experiences of buying beds and mattresses. Our new method is an optimistic approach to improve how people consider the bed buying experience – quick, easy, affordable and most of all rewarding with better sleep!

We have developed a product that we feel is the better than anything currently in the market. But just because its good we don’t want to make it exclusive. Our aim is now to make it as accessible as possible to the people of the UK and the world!


Firstly we make us easy to notice with a memorable and obvious brand


We remove the middle men, the jargon, the spin and the commissions


We create an easy to use web site-straight forward & quick


We price it way below the high street prices at an affordable price


We create a no-risk offer so people can try without fear

This is our mission
we hope you’ll join us on our journey!

About Us

If you’re keen to discover more about who we are and what we believe
visit our about us section

We’re only a small company right now but we believe in what we’re doing
and as we grow we hope to introduce you to more of our friends and colleagues who share our vision.

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And remember – all our mattresses are sold with a 100 night trial guarantee. If your sleep isn't improved you can return your mattress and receive a full refund. Buy with confidence and no risk!